TOZIT SharePoint Discussion Forum solution for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 released today!

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I started a project about 2 years ago with the aim of improving the discussion functionalities that comes out of the box with WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007. Since it was a spare-time project back then, I didn’t really have enough time to finish it off.

The last couple of months though, I’ve been working very hard to get this ship floating again and I am proud to say that we’re finally releasing version 1.0 of the TOZIT SharePoint Discussion Forum solution to the market.

Visit****for more information!

What is it?

The TOZIT SharePoint Discussion Forum solution is a product, or set of products, that makes the discussions in SharePoint become very intuitive and user friendly. It also adds on a bunch of features that doesn’t normally exist in SharePoint’s built-in discussion lists. Here’s a few highlighted features:

  • Discussion Forum Grouping
  • Flagging posts - Answers
  • Helpful posts
  • Abusive posts
  • Enhanced RSS Subscriptions - Subscribe to new threads in a specific forum
  • Subscribe to new posts in a specific thread
  • Enhanced Rich Text Editor with very rich formatting options and ability to paste in word-documents or Visual Studio highlighted code, and keep the formatting!
  • Ranking system - Top posters - By points
  • By posts
  • By most answers
  • By most helpful posts
  • Recent posts Web Part
  • Relative time-stamping - Displays "1 hour 32 minutes ago" to make it more intuitive
  • Adjusts colors and fonts to your current SharePoint theme.
  • … … …

Some screenshots of the discussion forum in action

| scrsht239 | scrsht233 | scrsht234 |
| scrsht236 | scrsht237 |   |
| scrsht235 | scrsht197 | scrsht196 |

How do we get it?

By navigating to you can get more information.

You can either get a 30-day free, fully functional trial version, or purchase the retail version from our web site.

Early-bird discounts & Volume discounts

Early Bird

By reading this blog, you’re up for early-bird discounts. If you or any of your clients purchase this product before the end of September, you can use the following discount code in order to get it 15% cheaper than the original price:

| Coupon code: | SharePointBird |

Volume discount

If you purchase more than one license (one required per front-end machine in your farm), you’ll of course receive a volume discount. The table looks like this:

| 1 license | no discount |
| 2-4 licenses | 10% discount |
| 5-9 licenses | 20% discount |
| 10+ licenses | 30% discount |

Future versions?

We’re currently working on future version of this product with more brilliant features and functionality to help you manage your discussions in your SharePoint installations!


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