Zimmergren MOSS 2007 Tip #1: Anonymous Access

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren
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This is the first post I’m making in a series of small "how-to’s" and "aha!"-posts. It will be basic stuff that you often want to know, and why not write them down here instead of in a hidden document that I’ll forget about..

Today’s tip is: Enabling Annonymous Access to your site

  1. Begin by navigating to central administration (CA from now)
  2. Choose Application Management
  3. Choose Authentication Providers in the Application Security section
  4. Select the correct web application
  5. Click the Default Zone link
  6. Check Enable Anonymous Access and hit Save

From the Permissions-page in your site you can choose Settings -> Anonymous Access and from there make ajustments to what permissions anonymous access will have.


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