Episode 008 - Our favorite tools for Azure professionals and developers

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren
💡TIP: Check out the guidance for building sustainable Azure workloads! 🌿

In this episode we go through our favorite and most used tools on working with Azure. Obviously, there are a lot of tools, so we focused on the ones we feel are useful every single day, and the ones that IT Pros, developers and architects can all use.

Show notes

Tag along for this episode where we're talking about the tools we like with Azure, and what happens when you accidentally delete a Web App in production. Show notes:

  • Azurespeed.com and fast.com
  • Azure Heatmap
  • Azure Pricing Calculator
  • Azure CLI 
  • Curl
  • Postman & Fiddler
  • Screenshotting: Greenshot / SnagIt / Windows 10
  • Windows Terminal
  • Resources.azure.com
  • Visual Studio Code + PowerShell extension
  • Azure Roadmap
  • Azure Architectures
  • Azure Storage Explorer
  • AzCopy
  • Azure Portal App
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