MOSS 2007: Creating a custom AJAX UserControl that will query the SharePoint Search Query Object Model to perform searches

Author: Tobias Zimmergren Url: http:https: If you’ve read my last two blogposts you already know how to configure ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX for your SharePoint Server and how do deploy a UserControl that uses AJAX functionality on you SharePoint Server. You can find my previous articles here: MOSS 2007- Add support for AJAX in your SharePoint installation MOSS 2007 – Using AJAX UserControls in SharePoint This blogpost shows a simple implementation of a UserControl that uses the Object Model to query the search service using a keyword and then using…

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MOSS 2007: Using AJAX UserControls in SharePoint

This post shows you how you can use the AJAX functionality in SharePoint by using UserControls. What we need to be able to follow the steps in this articleHave installed ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX 1.0 Extensions (Download here)Configured web.config to enable AJAX support (See my previous post here)Have the SmartPart installed and deployed (See the SmartPart project site for more information, installation & deployment instructions etc)In the following sections I will describe how you an use the SmartPart by Jan Tielens to host your custom usercontrols in SharePoint. The SmartPart is widely used by…

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