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Running Unit Tests for your .NET Core projects in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

One of the challenges I was looking to solve recently was running builds in VSTS for .NET Core, and then run any C# unit tests I had in dotnet core. This is pretty straight forward once you've figured out how - so this post is a short one, aiming to

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0 Comments 01 November 2016
Automating SharePoint Development - Iterative Development Process

Author: Tobias Zimmergren
www.zimmergren.net | www.tozit.com | www.sharepointdiscussions.com | @zimmergren


When dealing with SharePoint development, there’s tons of things to consider. There’s the aspects of code quality, aspects of proficient testing taking place and of course having a reliable process to re-do and fix

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0 Comments 11 December 2013

One of my pals, MVP Liam Cleary, posted a very interesting article on how to use Visual Studio 2008 to test the performance of your SharePoint Solution.

I urge you to check his article out : http://www.helloitsliam.com/archive/2008/03/10/moss2007-testing-using-visual-studio-team-system-2008.aspx

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0 Comments 27 March 2008

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