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I think this deserves a short blog post of its own, just in case you are (like me!) in the midst of deploying a production farm with SP 1 into the wild.

Microsoft just announced the following information on their SP 1 page:

[blockquote]We have recently uncovered an issue

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0 Comments 03 April 2014
Visual Studio 2013 March 2014 Update has been released

Today, Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2013 March 2013 Update which have additional features, project types and support for some of the enhancements that comes with Office 2013 SP1 and Office 365. So if you’re a developer targeting Office 365, Office 2013 or SharePoint Server 2013 it

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0 Comments 03 March 2014

Microsoft just released Service Pack 1 (SP1) for SharePoint Server 2013 and Office 2013 (and a bunch of other products that doesn’t quite relate to my focus).

As per request from a few clients and friends, here’s a quick link list with download details.

SharePoint Server 2013 SP1

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0 Comments 01 March 2014

Technorati Tags: WSS, MOSS, SharePoint, Infrastructure, Updates

As some of you might already know, Microsoft released their infrastructure updates to MOSS and WSS yesterday (2008-07-15).

Instead of yabbing along here about the actual updates, I’m simply going to provide you with links to the downloads and documents, so you

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0 Comments 16 July 2008

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