Episode 013 - Battle of the Azure Command Line - CLI, PowerShell, Windows Terminal, what more?

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren
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Follow Tobias and Jussi as they digest some of their choices for working with Azure from the command line. The options are many, and we'll dive into some of the favorite tools and what or when they are being used. Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, Windows Terminal, Windows Subsystem for Linux and using Bash - so many options, but do you really need to know them all?

Show notes

Show notes:

  • Azure Cloud Shell via shell.azure.com
  • Azure Account extension for Visual Studio Code
  • Azure Portal (mobile app): iOS, Android
  • Nokia N900
  • Azure PowerShell 'Az' module
  • Using PowerShell in Visual Studio Code
  • A blog post from Tobias and Jussi with some fine examples on scripting (Zimmergren.net)
  • WSL 2 deployment guide
  • Windows Terminal (Store install), GitHub repo
  • resources.azure.com 
  • Cmder (Tobias' choice of command line environment)
  • Installing the Azure CLI in Visual Studio Code (Zimmergren.net)
  • Running the Azure CLI using Bash on Ubuntu, in Windows 10 (Zimmergren.net)
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