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Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 006 - Office 365 PnP Provisioning Engine with Mikael Svenson

Note. This episode was recorded 2016-12-08.

I'm catching up with Mikael Svenson, and in this episode Mikael gives us some insights into how he's been using the Office 365 PnP Provisioning Engine in a few of his projects.

Episode Guest, Mikael Svenson

Mikael Svenson is a principal consultant for Puzzlepart,

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0 Comments 05 April 2017
Webinars: SharePoint Framework with Microsoft's Bill Baer and Vesa Juvonen

Lately we've been really busy at Rencore with a lot of things. A thing in particular that we've been active with is the integration of SharePoint Framework analysis into our SPCAF tools.

It's an exciting time ahead, both for us and for anyone developing on the SharePoint stack. I've got

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0 Comments 25 August 2016
Analyze your SharePoint Framework code using SPCAF

Over at Rencore we have been super-busy with investigating the new SharePoint Framework lately. Both what it has to offer, and potential pitfalls and challenges.

Related to our success in SharePoint code quality analysis in recent years, we've spent some time on the new SharePoint Framework to make SPCAF work

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0 Comments 04 May 2016
I just joined the SPCAF team at Rencore, full-time!

Wow, there’s really a lot going on these days. Long story short; I’ve finally made the decision to join the SPCAF team at Rencore. This career-move from consulting to a product vendor will mean a lot of changes in how I spend my time, and will likely bring

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0 Comments 01 September 2015

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