SEF 2010 - A recap

Author: Tobias Zimmergren http:https: | http://www. | [@zimmergren]( Introduction SEF 2010 (SharePoint & Exchange Forum) is over for this year and it was – like always – a blast. At SEF 2010 there were some really cool sessions covering some very interesting areas like Lync (OCS 14), Exchange, Windows Phone 7 and of course SharePoint! SEF 2010 Highlights Part from all the cool stuff presented in terms of Lync, Exchange and SharePoint – there were some cool presentations and previews for developers and consumers alike of the Windows Phone…

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SEF 2010 approaching

Author: Tobias Zimmergren http:https: | http://www. | [@zimmergren]( Introduction Next week (October 18th and 19th) it’s time for the Swedish conference SEF 2010 (SharePoint & Exchange Forum) which is organized by HumanData. My Session This year I will only be having one session where I’ll be talking about how to get introduced to SharePoint 2010 and Silverlight development. If you’re attending SEF 2010 and want to learn how to get started with Silverlight development on the SharePoint 2010 platform, this session is for…

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