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GitHub Actions for Security Code Analysis Members Public

Performing code analysis and security scans on your code is imperative to software craftsmanship. Over the years, I have had plenty of options for performing security scans, both with third-party vendors and open-source tools. I want to highlight some of my favorite GitHub Actions to run code analysis with a

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren
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Use the Microsoft Application Inspector to analyze your source code Members Public

Use the Microsoft Application Inspector to learn more about your code. Discover what types of algorithms, APIs, sensitive data and more that you make use of in the code base.

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren
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Code analysis tools for Azure developers coding in .NET Core Members Public

I love automation. Part of the glory of seeing a green build is to also know that it has passed some type of quality gates. In this post I'll talk a bit about some of my favorite Code Analysis tools for .NET Core. I use them in both

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren
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