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Building a MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJs, Angular and Node.js) api app using TypeScript and host it with Heroku

This post will be an introduction to how you get up and running quickly with building a node.js API which runs through Express on node.js and communicates with a deployed MongoDB database, using TypeScript. Simply put: a MEAN stack application with typings. Oh, except Angular. Since I'm not

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0 Comments 17 September 2016
Azure Resource Manager Template Visualisation with ARMVIZ

Here's another quick tip for those of you, like me, working with the Azure Resource Manager in various ways. If you're designing templates, there's a pretty slick template visualization tool available called ARMVIZ.

Edit and Visualize your ARM templates

It's pretty basic and simplistic. It gives you an overview of

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0 Comments 28 August 2016
Azure Resource Manager tools for Visual Studio Code

Tip of the day...

If you're the Visual Studio Code kind of person, and you design Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates for your Azure infrastructure, this extension might come in handy. The Azure Resource Manager Tools extension for Visual Studio Code is a light-weight alternative to the Visual Studio Enterprise

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0 Comments 28 August 2016
Webinars: SharePoint Framework with Microsoft's Bill Baer and Vesa Juvonen

Lately we've been really busy at Rencore with a lot of things. A thing in particular that we've been active with is the integration of SharePoint Framework analysis into our SPCAF tools.

It's an exciting time ahead, both for us and for anyone developing on the SharePoint stack. I've got

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0 Comments 25 August 2016
Azure Resource Manager - Part 8 - Export Template for Resources in a Resource Group with the REST API


This blog post will be about how to in the easiest way possible (well, as a developer anyway) export a JSON template from the Azure Resource Manager.

If you're using the ARM (Azure Resource Manager) just like me and you aare automating a lot of tasks and deployments -

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0 Comments 13 May 2016
Azure Resource Manager - Part 7 - Download an Azure Publishing Profile (xml) programmatically using REST


Around the web there's a lot of tips on how you can manually download the publishing profile for e.g. a Web Site, API App or other resource in Azure.

From the modern Azure Portal this is very simple from the UI:

Download Publishing Profile for Web App

However, one of the main things I've

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0 Comments 12 May 2016
Azure Resource Manager - Part 6 - Move Azure Resources from one Resource Group to another

In the past recent months I've been turning inside out on various parts of Azure, including the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and what it offers.

If you're looking for the basics of getting started, please check out the other posts in this article series. Start here.


I love how

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0 Comments 11 May 2016
Analyze your SharePoint Framework code using SPCAF

Over at Rencore we have been super-busy with investigating the new SharePoint Framework lately. Both what it has to offer, and potential pitfalls and challenges.

Related to our success in SharePoint code quality analysis in recent years, we've spent some time on the new SharePoint Framework to make SPCAF work

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0 Comments 04 May 2016
Introducing the SharePoint Framework - The new developer experience for SharePoint

If you've stumbled upon the SharePoint Framework terminology lately, it's most likley because Microsoft recently made public information about it.

The new modern Team Sites for SharePoint are based on it, modern-day customizations and development will happen on top of it. In this post I will try to elaborate what

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0 Comments 04 May 2016
The Future of SharePoint - it's here!

Today Microsoft announced "The Future of SharePoint" at one of their events. This is a big step in the right direction for many reasons, and in this post I'll try to explain my take on why I like what I'm seeing.

Microsoft is really reinventing themselves. That's why I love

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0 Comments 04 May 2016

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